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Our story

Irene’s Florist is Scotland’s award winning premier florist, the favoured choice of many couples, wedding venues and five start hotels across the country. When Irene set up Irene’s Florist in 1978 she had one aim in mind, to provide exquisitely stylish, beautifully presented floral designs to the Scottish Wedding industry, with that in mind her business flourished. Today Irene has a large team of fully trained floral designers who share Irene’s genuine passion and enthusiasm for floral design and excellent customer service. Irene’s floral designers have the experience to deliver premium, bespoke, modern designs which will capture your imagination each and every time. Receiving fresh flowers every day, directly from Holland, ensures only the best quality of results.

Specialising in wedding and corporate events Irene and her team pride themselves in providing an outstanding customer experience from start to finish, and provide a no obligation consultation to discuss your visions and what it will cost to make it into a reality. All designs are bespoke and tailored to your exact requirements ensuring you receive exactly what you have in mind. Irene and her team provide an outstanding customer experience across the whole of central Scotland, Fife, Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Not only does Irene’s Florist specialise in weddings and corporate events Irene’s renowned floral designs can be given as gifts and be delivered across Central Scotland. A showcase of Irene’s floral gifts can be viewed and purchased online or you can call or visit either of Irene’s stores.

At the delicate time of the passing of a loved one many people like to pay their respects with a floral tribute. Irene and her team take the time to understand what it is you are looking for to provide you with a floral tribute made with care and attention to detail with the freshest of flowers.

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“Bespoke design is all about personal service and the details.“

What we do


At Irene’s Florist, all our weddings are as individual as our couples. Bespoke design is all about personal service and the details, we’re committed to getting these perfect for you. Our floral designers will take the time to get to know each couple and understand their vision of their perfect day, then share some of our wonderful ideas to inspire their imaginations to create something truly unique.

Whether it’s finding a rare but perfect English garden rose from our finest suppliers, or sourcing a vintage broach to embellish your bridal bouquet, we understand that these details make your wedding unique to you. At each step of the journey we will be on hand to make sure every detail is perfect.

Flowers play a defining role in every wedding. We believe that being involved in such an important part of your special day is a privilege. Irene and her team are passionate about weddings and are involved in all aspects of the day, walking you through the whole process to make sure everything is perfect. All our flowers are fresh and sourced from the finest suppliers.

You’ll be in safe hands, as wedding specialists we have been delivering exceptional weddings throughout Scotland for over 27 years. All our floral designers are trained to the highest standards and take great pride in the work they produce.


At Irene’s Florist we understand that unique and beautiful floral designs are an instant way to create the right impression. Irene herself believes that having fresh floral arrangements in the workplace enhances the mood and atmosphere of employees and customers alike, we have to agree. Having an extensive knowledge of flowers and current design trends we are sure to create stunning eye catching arrangements to impress which will transform any space into a bright welcoming environment. We really do love to bring a workplace to life with creative floral arrangements and making use of unique and interesting vases that can be changed regularly to keep the designs eye catching and unique.

All flowers we used are directly sourced from the finest suppliers from Holland which will reach you in the best of condition after being quality checked by our team. Using seasonal flowers and plants where possible ensures the quality of the flowers provided is impeccable. Irene truly believes that adding fresh flowers or plants to any corporate environment add a touch of elegance and luxury while making it welcoming to clients and customers.

We understand that in the fast paced world of business floral designs may be required at short notice, so we ensure we receive daily deliveries of fresh flowers and will always strive to meet your requirements. From elegant hotel reception arrangements, arrangements for large corporate events or functions, stylish table centerpieces for restaurants to even bouquets for presentations our team will take the time to understand your requirements.

You’ll be in safe hands, as wedding specialists we have been delivering exceptional weddings throughout Scotland for over 27 years. All our floral designers are trained to the highest standards and take great pride in the work they produce.


We know that it’s difficult to say farewell to a loved one and how difficult it is when it comes to choosing the perfect floral tribute, that’s why our team take the time needed to understand what it is you are looking for in a floral tribute and ensure it is made with care and attention with the freshest of flowers. We have the knowledge and understanding to give our customers all the advice required to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for. Our team take the time and care while creating each floral tribute to make sure each is made to the exact requirements provided. All our designs can be collected in store or delivered to your chosen funeral parlor at an arranged time.

Our team know that when it comes to funeral arrangements for a loved one that the details are very important to the family, and will definitely go that extra mile to make sure we get your tributes perfect. Knowing that every family wants their tributes to be perfect and unique to their loved one we will be on hand to ensure this is possible. We know that in a lot of cases a tribute should be unique as the person they are for, so we are on hand to make anything possible. Whether it’s a unique flower that has a special meaning or a beautiful floral display that highlights your loved ones hobbies we can make it possible. Some unique designs we have done in the past include Rally Cars made with bright vibrant flowers, 3D Dachshunds that resemble a loved ones love for dogs, a 3D truck that signifies the loved ones passion for their job, and even a model of a loved ones favourite pint, our fantastic floral design team will make anything possible.

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“Floral designs made with care and attention to detail with the freshest of flowers.”

“Love is just a word until someone comes along to give it a meaning.”

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We know it can be daunting picking the right florist for your wedding, corporate event or a funeral tribute. We are always available to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our amazing team.

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